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Hello There Collective created a large-scale gifting strategy with the goal of identifying top performers. Additionally, our team implemented a TikTok seeding program and launched Birthdate Candle's brand channel. Notable influencers from the gifting campaign were invited to become affiliates and receive monthly gifts and a commission on their sales.

In order to create a strong evergreen campaign, Hello There Collective established personal relationships with influencers across Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, we invested in influencer communications to strengthen relationships and build brand trust.  Through our targeted methods, we discovered influencer conversions were most successful with a niche category, book influencers.

Month over month, Birthdate Candles has experienced positive growth in affiliate sales. In 2020, Hello There Collective accomplished a 692% yearly return on investment. Content produced by influencers has consistently been utilized as top performing ad content across both Instagram and Tiktok.




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