Collaboration is our credo. Hello There takes a unique approach to influencer marketing, by developing a unique strategy based on the brand, target market, and goals.
There a countless agencies out there that specialize in influencer marketing, so you may be asking….what makes us different?


We never take a one size fits all approach. Rather than blanket gifting our influencer contacts, we filter through our Collective of over 5,000 influencers to look for the ones that are a good fit. In addition, we use software and search methods to find new influencers.




We enhance the relationship between your brand and the influencers by reaching out to all influencers via the brand channel. We want to make sure you are benefiting from the partnership, not Hello There.
We’re invested in long-term relationships. Our specialty is developing  influencers to become brand ambassadors who drive sales and premium content.
The secret sauce is in our follow up strategy. We contact influencers throughout the process to build a rock strong relationship that is based on trust vs a one-time transaction.


Ability to direct the influencer's concept, creative, caption




Influencers are required to share a dedicated link and/or code
Opportunity to partner with influencers with a higher following and a larger reach
Opportunity to create content with a recognizable face


Consistent stream of incoming content to repurpose on social media
Long-term brand channel growth / awareness



Opportunity to build relationships with leaders in niche communities


Ability to transition top performing influencers into an affiliate program


A steady stream of incoming genuine reviews from a trusted source


A steady stream of incoming genuine reviews from a trusted source



GIFTINg and paid



Hello There implements large scale gifting programs, with a goal to identify top performers and transition the relationship into an ambassador partnership. We develop the influencers and relationships over a 3 - 12 month period to drive monthly sales, content, and awareness.



Hello There Collective created a large-scale gifting strategy with the goal of identifying top performers within a Gen Z market. Additionally, Hello There implemented a TikTok seeding program and launched Birthdate Candle's brand channel. Notable influencers from the gifting campaign were invited to become affiliates and receive monthly gifts and a commission on their sales.

  • Achieved a 692% yearly ROI

  • Grew the Instagram following from 37.4k to 134k in ten months

  • Launched the TikTok channel and grew it to 24.5k followers in nine months.


When Haldi Skin approached Hello There Collective, they tasked us with creating an influencer program that drove sales and new customers. Haldi expressed pain points with their previous agency and assigned us to re-imagining the strategy.

  • Haldi earned 8x revenue since the partnership began

  • 95% monthly ROI

  • Over 100 pieces of unique content per month



Hello There works with macro influencers as halo brand ambassadors. Our team of influencer strategists craft unique campaigns to drive sales and awareness around launches, key promotional periods, or to maintain relevance on an ever-green basis.



For the launch of Juicy Couture's fragrance, Oui Juicy Couture, we executed an influencer program with macro fashion and beauty bloggers.


Leading up to the launch, each influencer shared an Instagram Story contest that prompted fans to create user generated content for the chance to win the Oui perfume before launch.

  • Highest grossing first week sales in the history of their perfume launches

  • 56 million impressions

  • Over 48,000 web clicks

  • 4,000 pieces of user generated content


Ivory Ella had a dedicated audience, but was struggling to connect with a new Gen-Z / Millennial audience. Hello There Collective worked with mid-tier and macro-influencers on a paid basis in order to obtain awareness and sales.

25 mid-tier to macro-influencers were contracted for the partnership over a 3-month period. Each influencer was provided with a discount code and was required to share this in their feed share. The influencers were also provided with UTM links to track Story traction.

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