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Hello There Collective was tasked with reimagining Slumber Cloud’s social media strategy. When approaching the rebrand, Hello There’s creative team produced new social media assets and designed a color themed page to compliment the website’s aesthetic. In executing a new brand vision, Hello There successfully drove growth, engagement and created top performing ad content.

Hello There Collective partners with influencers on a monthly basis to build a community, while growing our affiliate program. Influencer affiliates are responsible for driving strong monthly sales, while our evergreen gifting campaign allows us to distinguish high performers.

When Slumber Cloud rebranded, they hired Hello There Collective to lead the production for all campaigns. Our production team led set design to produce custom, hand-made props that were the centerfold for their new web design. Additionally, our team creative directed lifestyle photoshoots that were utilized as performance marketing collateral, website banners, inserts, email promotions, and social media marketing.




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