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Hello There Collective created a social media pre-launch strategy to create brand awareness and drive email acquisition ahead of launch. The campaign was so successful that Myro had over 2k email addresses in just four days. In two days the Twitter posts went viral and growth increased to 500 followers. 


To differentiate Myro from other players in the space, Hello There created a color themed Instagram page designed to inspire. We integrated found artist imagery that was bright, optimistic, and cheerful to create an Instagram feed that was not only for people that liked great smelling, natural deodorant, but also valued a daily dose of highly curated content.


Myro leveraged Hello There's Collective as the core marketing arm for awareness around launch. For seven months, Hello There gifted 100 micro influencers per month. The robust campaign gained Myro over 1,500,000 impressions and 4,200 new followers each month.


When Myro launched, Hello There produced a photoshoot that emphasized the brand's optimistic and colorful aesthetic. Bright and vibrant styling paired with eye catching photo backdrops was a leading theme for the shoot to ensure that from Myro's start the customer understood the brand ethos.

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